Memorable Fevicol Ads During Cricket Broadcasts on TV

I grown up in a neighborhood of working-class families that lived under the same roof. Regardless of the background, ethnicity, education, preferences, and everyday struggles, there was this sense of one-ness. Few things were as exhilarating and festivity-inducing as the India’s cricket matches. I remember the take-no-prisoner-craze and interest bestowed on cricket, and the integral part it played in the lives of so many men, rich and poor, young and old. None could match the degree of bondage that had been forged during the day-long cricket match. One of the sweetest ingredients that used to enhance the experience of this family-cricket-dish was the timely and creative Fevicol ads that used to come during commercial breaks. They used to spark a torrent of laugh and humor among all the cricket watchers, even during trying times.

After all these years, I couldn’t help but hold my breath in awe when I watch them.

The creative strategy of Fevicol has always been to rise above the physical bonding of tables and chairs, and instead bond with the consumers by taking a strategy that is metaphorical. These gems by Fevicol over the years will prove it :

Who can forget the ad that shows a curious cook trying to break an egg. Little did he know…

How can we not remember this brainy fish catcher?!

Or this memorable ad that gave us the sure shot way of tackling mischievous toddlers.

Shadows follow us, or do they? 

The one where we kept wondering how they didn’t fall off the bus, but then again, we knew why.

Classic Fevicol. Classic Rajkumar Hirani.


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